ANALYSIS: ‘’Good Guys’’ Are Against The Cabal! They Can’t Stop The Awakening!

Get ready for a new Intel

It comes from several US military sources. Let’s make a difference between fact and fiction.

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The latest batch of information exposes the layers of the Pentagon and Joe Biden’s administration.

In the Pentagon, there’s consensus that the new regimen exposes our country to economic destruction. We have to stop Biden!

People are switching sides… Corrupted hypocrites have limits. They won’t really tolerate anything in this world.

These people know the truth about child trafficking scandal. Let’s not forget the evidence from Hunter’s laptop.

Biden’s supporters will soon disappear. Their number has reduced in the last few months.

Several sources suggest that there are indictment papers for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Hunter, and Biden in the intelligence community.

The intelligence community is trying to gain credibility for Democrats in the mid-term elections. How will we expose all the lies Democrats said?

‘’ Biden’s funding of Iran is feared to unleash a wave of radicalized suicide bombers across Western Europe and the United States.’’


Biden’s new deal with Iran is sending billions of dollars to the country so they can trigger a wave of suicide bombers in Western Europe. These guy will pretend to be Ukrainian refugees. Some will enter our country.

Biden is funding radical terrorism in the Middle East.

‘’ In my own assessment, I tend to believe that terrorists will prefer “soft” targets such as nightclubs and heavily attended sporting events, etc., where they believe they can accrue very high casualties due to the density of people in a small space. Think Las Vegas shooting or the Orlando gay nightclub shooting from a few years back.

Whatever form it takes, it is verified that the US intelligence community believes Biden’s actions in funding Iran will unleash a new wave of actual terrorism in Western Europe and America. We’re not talking about the fake, staged FBI events like the theatrical kidnapping of Michigan Gov. Whitmer. That was pure theater run by the FBI. What we’re talking about now is actual unbounded violence carried out by well-funded terrorist groups funded by the government of Iran, which is effectively funneling Biden’s US money into his terrorism operations.’’ Natural News reported.

Will they get rid of Biden? It’s a matter of time.

Democrats will lose their House majority. They will also lose House investigatory subpoena power.

Biden’s supporters will try to keep him in the White House. They are definitely adding fuel to the Russian fire.

Biden may be arrested before he makes the situation worse.

‘’ What’s clear in all this is that the regime’s war against the American people has shifted focus; now they’re at war with other factions inside the government itself, not merely pro-Trump patriots. They are in effect fighting a two-front war in America.’’ Natural News reported.

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Source: The True Defender

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