An Update On God’s Prophetic Timeline For PRESIDENT Trump

I found this video today on one YouTube channel named ‘’Not Me, Him.’’ It’s fascinating.

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From that channel, I have already shared some videos.

We are aware that you’re fed up with date predictions, but this is not from the same category.

The guy took all previous prophecies from Hank Kunneman, Kat Kerr, Johnny Enlow, Robin Bullock, and many others. He separated, analyzed, and summarized the most current timeliness every individual talked about for Trump’s return.

This is when everything becomes interesting because everyone was telling a similar narrative.

Now, you don’t have to watch a 5-hour long prophecy; you can watch a video that is 10 minutes long. You will realize the truth.

Watch the video below.

And now you can read the best comments so far.

YouTube backed it up.

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