An Idaho Mask Burning Party Triggered The Far Left And It’s Hilarious!

Idaho goes against liberals

We saw these videos on Facebook and Twitter. Liberals are still trying to find an excuse.

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Antifa warriors burned the American Flag and the Bible.

These kids seem to be having a blast. They just don’t like having masks on their face.

Lincoln Project decided to speak up. Sort of.

The New York Post reported:

Protesters in Idaho staged a mask burning event at the state capital on Saturday, as frustration over coronavirus-related disruptions to daily life continue to fester.

At least three lawmakers from the state legislature and Lt. Gov Janice McGeachin were there to cheer them on, according to local media reports from the scene.

Video posted to Twitter suggests that most of the actual burning of masks took place inside small, self-contained fires lit in garbage bins. At least one person was filmed burning a picture of Joe Biden.

Many protesters, often with children in tow, displayed signs reading “I will not self-suffocate.”

“We’re standing here today to rein back government. To reestablish our Republican form of government, a government that has balance between the branches,” said Daar Moon, a protest organizer, in a Twitter video. “It’s a widespread grassroots movement, an uprising in that regard, it’s come off very well today here in Boise.”

Yahoo News wrote:

More than a year into a pandemic that has claimed 523,000 lives in the United States, right-wing protesters in Idaho, including a handful of elected officials, set protective masks aflame Saturday, claiming face coverings stifle their personal liberties.

Although local, state and federal health officials are clear that masks are crucial in the fight against COVID-19, helping to prevent the disease from spreading, some 70 adults and children — none wearing face coverings — stepped forward on a downtown street corner in Coeur d’Alene and dropped masks into a symbolic burn pot containing dry ice. “U.S.A, U.S.A,” they chanted.

The protesters held mask-burnings Saturday in locations across the state, where masks are strongly recommended but not required by Idaho Gov. Brad Little. At a gathering of more than 100 in the state capital, protesters tossed coverings into a flaming barrel and cheered at supportive remarks by Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin.

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