America’s Frontline Doctors Post COVID Protocols; MSM Melts Down

Democrats don’t want you to talk about this

They panic every time someone opens a “forbidden” topic.

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America’s Frontline Doctors are here to reveal the truth. The Big Tech will try to stop them. Absolutely. The Big Pharma will lose a lot of money if truth finds its way out.

We give you a story, you draw a conclusion.

America’s Frontline Doctors reported this COVID-19 Repair and Prevention protocols.

Check out this graphic:

What about the Wellness Protocol?

Treatment options?

You get to decide what’s wrong or right.

Check out the diagram:

Chris Burres talked about C60 and its impact on overall health. Burres didn’t say C60 cures COVID. He says that it boosts your immune system and enhances health in so many aspects.

We all know someone who takes C60. We did an entire research before we took it. Someone mentioned it online and we had to give it a shot.

Disclaimer: We are not doctors. We just have the story and shared someone’s experience.

Here’s the story. First, it starts with C60. It’s a potent antioxidant known as the “perfect carbon molecule.” It’s also an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

The Deep State went after Carbon and did their best to tax carbon emissions with the Al-Gore Carbon Tax. In other words, Carbon may be good for you!

You do have to find the right source. Some companies sell toxic product. Look for producers with the highest standards and great safety control. Tested products work really well. What about C60 Evo?

Burres explained everything you needs to know about the product. Watch the video on Rumble to get the point.

Clif High has more. He combines C60 with a few potent products. This combo worked for him. He’s not a doctor, remember? So you get to decide whether you will use this.

Watch this video. It’s mind-blowing!

Check out this video on Rumble to learn more about the powerful combo.

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