Americans Shocked By Aerial Photo Of Obama’s So-Called “Scaled Back” Birthday Bash


Barack Obama turns 60 this weekend, and he probably wanted to make it memorable with a massive bash at his lavish waterfront mansion located on Martha’s Vineyard.

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Seven hundred people were invited. I guess he wanted to celebrate while his government fears us with the Delta Variant, as the most horrible thing that has happened since the beginning of the pandemic.

After the backlash, Obama agreed to scale back his elitist party to close friends and family. Every ordinary man would imagine a close family and friends’ party with approximately 20-30 people.

From the images, we can see that kind of party for Obama represents a party with 1000 people.

WhatsNew2Day reported on the pictures and video circling around social media. They shared it was an elite party full of celebrity people from the entertainment, sports, and political world.

Daily Mail revealed the true scale of the party that, according to Obama’s spokesperson, was scaled from 500 person extravaganza to a small affair for family and close friends.

In the place where the party was, we could find private jets and helicopters above the location.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen arrived at 3 pm, and we could see them in the pictures. Also, Dwayne Wade and Gabriel Union, Don Cheadle, and John Kerry arrived at Martha’s Vineyard.

Daily Mail reported that Jay-Z and Beyonce were already on the island. Also, there were George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey.

See below:

And now you will read the online comments:

“Did they really not think people would take pics?”

“A man who buys a multi-million dollar house that is only a few feet above sea level is not afraid of rising sea levels.”

“How did a community organizer who served a half a term in the senate & 2 terms as president afford a $20,000,000+ house”

“Rules for thee, but different Rules for me…” 

“Proof that the virus is a hoax…..”

“Lockdowns, masks and vaccine mandates for you and yours; a bday party w/200 servants, 600+guests, in 20,000+ sqft mansion for the ruling class! Seems fair right?”

“The tent rental alone is annual salaries for 3 or 4 families. The house rental is probably 3 or 4 years of annual salaries for the same 3 or 4 families. But hey, they care and can relate to American “Working Families”! What hypocritical bull shit!”

“Obama scaled his super spreader event down from 700 to 699. Some poor server lost their gig.”

“They turned away the coat check guy.”

“Man of the people lol” 

“Is everyone aware yet? this is a total hoax, nobody who’s telling us to be scared, is actually scared…” 

People who spread fear about the Delta Variant are precisely those who are hanging out with friends, making the biggest party unprotected.

Who should we trust?

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