ALLYN ROOT: “Meet the New President of the United States…Barack Obama

This is one of the most important columns that Allyn Root has ever written.

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Well, yes, this is a communist takeover. One thing is fascinating; the leader is a colossal surprise.

All three, Republicans, Conservatives, and Capitalists, are shocked!!!

No one can believe that Donald Trump isn’t the president anymore. The American population rejected the most outstanding economy, the best jobs, and the most prosperous middle-class improvement.

All of this created Trump and his stable management before, during, and after the coronavirus crisis. There was 33% gross domestic product in the third quarter of 2020. If you follow this analysis, you will know that this is the most significant number in American history.

Are you aware of what you did? Are you self-hating and suicidal?

No one can believe that most Americans gave the advantage to a feeble old man struggling with dementia and mumbling.

Do you prefer a person signing executive orders without even seeing what he is doing over Donald Trump? The one who declared that America didn’t have vaccine before he became the head of the state but previously received the two doses of covid-19 vaccine.

Everyone thinks that the elections were compromised and stolen. Most of the time, the current “president” will be at home in an assisted living home rather than in the White House.

Are you ready for the news?

Joe Biden is only a puppet, and he is not the president. We have a new president – Barack Obama!!!
We all must be aware of what is going on around us! Obama is back, and he will finish all during his third mandate.

Biden is just a mask to stand for him and represent him in front of the public. The power has Obama.
If you think logically, see Biden’s executive orders, you will conclude that Obama wrote them.

Biden is the frontman, and Obama is finally himself.

Below we present some of the executive orders, laws, and policies proposed by Biden.

– Border opening. The wall is gone, and in a pandemic outbreak, everyone enters—legalization of million illegal aliens. If one of them gets in the U.S., he can bring in all of his relatives. Also, there is a ban on the term “illegal alien.” Clearly behind this stands Obama.

– Actions and policies about “racism,” “social justice,” and “racial equity.”

– They restarted the Iran nuclear treaty. America endangered Israel’s existence and got nothing as feedback. Also, he waited for a whole month to tell Israel’s prime minister that America no longer has Israel’s back in front of the entire world.

– They killed the crucial U.S energy industry and made America dependent on oil from foreign countries, including our enemies.

– Also, do not forget the ban of the compound “China virus.” The trade war with China has come to an end.

Allyn Root was Obama’s classmate at Columbia University. He knows him very well, and he knows what kind of a plan he can think of.

He claims very confidently that behind Biden stands Obama. According to Allyn Root, Biden’s mandate is Obama’s third term. During the first two mandates, he tried to destroy America’s economy as much as possible, but it wasn’t enough.

If you didn’t know Wayne Allyn Root, he is a CEO, entrepreneur, and best-selling author.

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