Alarming New Evidence Emerges Showing Biden’s Afghanistan Failure Is Driving Soldiers To Consider Suicide

Biden’s actions are unforgivable.

Biden made the most significant moment in US history the biggest catastrophe and the most dangerous foreign policy blunder.

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It happens when we have a mentally ill president!

America lost 13 brave service members because of Biden’s inability to handle a situation like Afghanistan’s. These events were the most devastating in US history.

The active military who watched as this unfolds is struggling to live with this defeat. Persons who lost their friends, wives, sanity saw everything going down!

Biden’s actions made many vets think of committing suicide.

Daily Wire reported that between August 13-29, the Veterans Affairs Suicide hotline got more than 35,000 veterans’ calls.

“Veterans placed more than 35,000 calls to the Veterans Crisis Line between Aug. 13 and 29, according to VA data provided to the Washington Examiner,” the Washington Examiner reported.

The VA spokesperson announced that its analysis shared a 7% increase regarding this period the previous year.

The Atlantic Council reported:

‘’Following the imminent end of US military operations in Afghanistan, we should expect a new spike in PTSD. The scenes of chaos in Kabul and of unchallenged Taliban seizures across the country compound the narrative that the US failed. Photographs of the Taliban in salvaged US military uniforms and gear, and stories about the abandonment of Afghan interpreters and others who supported American units evoke frustration and sadness among vets. Comparisons to the US pullout from Saigon and European leaders accusing the United States of “weakening NATO” further degrade the resilience of American veterans.

Afghanistan veteran Matt Zeller, chair of the Association of Wartime Allies board of directors, told CNN, “I’m now sitting here 20 years removed almost from the very event that propelled me into the military, which was the attacks of September 11. And now I’m wondering if the last 20 years were completely pointless and in vain. All the friends I lost in Afghanistan — what were their deaths for? What was their sacrifice for if this was the end state? I don’t think I did anything worthwhile at this point.”

It is a shame!

Biden’s actions are a shame for this country!

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