Airlines Facing Massive Problems After Vaxxed Pilots Go Down; Mass Shut Downs Coming?

The entire situation with the vaccination and the pandemic went too far.

The airline industry faces a pilots deficit because people are dying due to getting the covid-19 vaccine.
Besides the pilots’ deaths, accidents occur, and maybe the airlines will shut down for lack of staff.
Clif High, with his latest report, shared everything.

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High explains why the shot is dangerous and what it does to the body. At the end of the video, he emphasized how people can protect themselves, even after getting the vaccine.

The latest interview between Greg Hunter and Clif High shares the best direction. But bear in mind that neither one of us is a doctor. However, what Clif shared, everything turned out to be true.

Do you remember when Clif shared that the BitCoin will reach $64,000 and then fall to half of its price and then reach $100,000? Well, recently the BitCoin did the same turnout. Just as Clif shared, only now we are waiting for the last occurrence, the BitCoin, to reach $100,000.

Another time when he was right was when he predicted that one billion people would die off. In the beginning, people laughed at him, not anymore…

Hunter asked Clif about the recovery from the vaccine shot, and Cliff shared that the cure is simple. People have to drink vitamin C, 10-15,000 IU’s of Vitamin D, and C60.

Take a look at the Rumble video.

Below you can find the links to the vitamins.


Now you can read what people reported.

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