Vaccinated Pilots DIE, The 2018 Prediction Was REAL


Real experts have warned about this on multiple occasions. Getting unapproved jabs is the last thing people need right now. The Big Pharma uses its toxic waste on people. They are trying to get rid of a fabricated virus.

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COVID-19 shut down the entire world. Someone made a vaccine within a year… An unapproved jab.

The airline industry was pretty confident about these vaccines. Employees were forced to receive the jab.

Pilots are dying. Vaxxidents are really common these days. Employees in the airline industry deal with serious consequences. It looks like airlines will have to shut down for lack of healthy pilots.

Clif High wrote a nice report and yes, he shocked the world with this one.

In his video, Clif talks about the dangers brought by the vaccine. What are these vaccines doing to our bodies?

At the end of his video, Clif explains how we can protect ourselves. Did you take the jab? Yes? Well, you can now reclaim your health.

Greg Hunter and Clif High gave us the perfect direction.

Yes, we aren’t doctors. But we know the truth behind this virus. Clif is someone who is right about many things.

His reports are highly accurate. Everyone knows this. The man is never wrong.

In 2018, Clif said that Bitcoin would go as high as $64,000 and then stop. According him, it was supposed to be a “$64,000 dollar question,” adding that it would drop by half its value before going up to $100,000.

This happened when Bitcoin was $3,000. No one thought it would get bigger than $20,000.

What happened last month? Bitcoin hit $64,000 and dropped to $30,000.

What a prediction!

This is just one example.

Clif has so much to offer.

In another story, Clif said that at least one billion people will die. He made these comments in 2017.

A lot of people mocked Clif for the comments he made.

See how these vaccines work?

Well, “Uncle Clif” spoke the truth. We have to listen to him.

When Clif went on Greg Hunter’s show, he asked him if there’s anything people can do to prevent the awful consequences from the jab.

It’s a simple “prescription.”

As you may be guessing, you need enough of the right kind of vitamin C, 10-15,000 IUs of Vitamin D, and C60.

Watch the video on Rumble and scroll down for some decent links.

C60 is a powerful antioxidant. It’s 172x the power of vitamin C. It has strong antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory agent.

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