Aggressive Assailant Tries To Fight A Legally Armed Man, Cries Like Baby When He Gets Shot [VIDEO]

Crazy people!

On March 24, 2021, Michael Montanarella, wanted to fight Benjamin Backus outside his house in the area of Greenway Road and 28th Street in Phoenix. Well, he didn’t think he’d get shot. The other person was just defending themselves and was absolved of any wrongdoing by authorities. Montanarella, 32, ambushed Backus. The victim appeared on the Active Self Protection Podcast to share details about the incident. He was assaulted by a neighbor.

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“[Montanarella] was a neighbor from where I lived before, so that’s how I knew him. He was always outside smoking, so I would say, ‘Hi.’ So, we just sort of built up a relationship over time. He had been in and out of prison a few times and was trying to get his life sorted back together. He’d started his own business, and since I have a background in finance and banking, I was trying to help him with that.”

Backus even invited Montanarella over for Thanksgiving. Well, Montanarella had issues with drugs. He went to rehab, but was removed from the program after threatening one of the counselors. Backus did his best to support Montanarella. It didn’t go well. Montanarella accused him of many things, saying that Backus even broke into his home.

Montanarella can’t even get any near Backus now as there’s a restraining order against him.

On March 24, 2021, Backus went outside to warm up his vehicle. Montanarella was waiting for him.

“I know I’m paranoid, so I’m trying to buffer that with rationale behavior – things I can confirm – and so I duck around to the other side [of the van] to see, ‘Hey, is it just a neighbor going to work and I’m just being a little paranoid?’ And it is his car, and he goes past my house and flips back around and…he hurls a rock about this big out of the window…and then leaves his car in the middle of the road and comes after me.”

What happened next?

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