After Yesterday’s Insanity, Tucker Carlson Has One Question: “What The Hell Did Biden Just Say?” [VIDEO]

Once again, we witnessed the full breadth of Biden’s dementia, communism, and raw desperation. 

Yesterday was an insane day in the USA.

We were witnesses of the full effects of Biden’s dementia, communism, and raw desperation.

This guy is completely bonkers!.

Joe Biden told a lot of his everyday lies, like lying to the US citizens that SCOTUS heard arguments and ruled on the 2020 election.

That is a complete lie.

Biden also had his well-known dementia moments, where he told America that “150 people” voted in the 2020 election.

Unbelievable …

And then there was the pure desperation … that came when he claimed that the people who attended the event on January 6th or “insurrectionists” as he refers to them, are in fact worse than Confederate slave owners (who were Democrats for the record).

Biden’s speech was literally a jumbled SNL skit.

This is all coming to a crazy head because Republicans are enacting “voter integrity” laws after the catastrophic election process in 2020. These laws incorporate voter ID, which Biden says is the biggest threat America has faced since the “Civil War.”

Are you kidding me??

Never mind that polling shows that a huge majority of US people support voter ID in fact – so much so, that it’s actually a bipartisan issue.

Well, like all of us, Tucker watched the President’s insanity unfolded, and now, he has something to say about what went wrong – and he explains it in his unique style …

Check out the video below:

The most ridiculous thing about that speech is the thing we were told some time ago, that Joe was going to be the “great unifier.”

Now, Biden is calling slews of Americans “slave-owning Confederates” and “insurrectionists,” while his DOJ locks them up like Cuban or Chinese political prisoners.

That is truly an excellent “unity message” Joe.


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