After Having His Life Threatened, A Judge FINALLY Ruled To Support Mike Lindell!

Mike Lindell is the person that will reveal the truth behind the fraud from the 2020 election.

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Precisely because of his persistence, Leftists hate Mike. They detest him so much that they threatened his life!

Can you imagine that they have sent bloody pillows to the MyPillow office?

Also, the leftists were planning Mike’s kidnapping.

Business Insider shared more on this story.

”In documents filed May 14, legal representatives for Lindell said MyPillow had reported at least seven people to the Chaska, Minnesota, police, claiming the people had “directly threatened Mr. Lindell’s life or physical safety.”This included a person who Jeremiah Pilon, the deputy general counsel for MyPillow, said repeatedly ringed MyPillow’s call center and detailed a plan to kidnap and decapitate Lindell.

Pilon added that the local police patrolled MyPillow’s corporate office more often in response.

Pilon said that in December, a “threatening box” was delivered to MyPillow’s headquarters in Chaska.“The box was open on top and contained two MyPillow bed pillows that had been slit open and splattered with a red-colored substance intended to look like blood,” Pilon wrote. He added that a sign was attached to the box reading: “Mike Lindell Loves Murderers.”

However, one judge in Lindell’s case against Dominion Voting Systems found the danger. The judge said that Lindell’s address doesn’t have to be present in the court files. It will be a secret.

If you want to support Mike Lindell and his business, please buy some household items from MyPillow.

The pillows, bedsheets, comfortable slippers are only part of the vast assortment MyPillow has.

If you don’t need anything from the household products at Lindell’s site, you can still buy from there and donate them to the local homeless shelter.

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Source: msn.com

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