According To National Security Laws, COVID-19 Is A Falsified Pandemic ‘Exercise’

One way to discover that the pandemic was falsified is to analyze the legal actions, plans, and strategies leading up and during the pandemic in any relevant way to emerging infectious diseases, vaccinations, etc.

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A hoax would definitely describe the falsified pandemic, and the terminology appears to be used in U.S. federal law, policy, strategies, and other documents.

The crucial indication that C-19 was a falsified exercise program is the law enacted in October 2019, shortly before the pandemic outbreak.

The law is regarding a specific national exercise to test terrorism preparedness, but it would test and exercise preparedness for national security threats with the law update. It is called National Exercise Program, and it’s led by the Department of Homeland Security and other federal bureaus and department.
U.S. National Exercise Program

A short description of the N.E.P. is the primary national-level mechanism for validating national preparedness. It is a crucial component of the National Preparedness System for developing a culture of preparedness, empowering communities and individuals to become more resilient against the threats that Americans face.

The National Preparedness System gives the framework supporting the nationwide efforts to deliver the capabilities needed to stop and protect, recover from threats and the risks aiming to secure the nation.
N.P.S. can provide the ability to examine and assess plans, validate capabilities, improve coordination and identify strengths and zones for improvement.

2019 amendment just before COVID added ‘emerging threats’ to National Exercise Program law

U.S. federal laws govern the National Exercise program. One law was passed in September 2019 and signed by the president on October 9, the same year.

The update in question is the following short section:


Clause (i) of section 648(b)(2)(A) of the Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006 (6 U.S.C. 748(b)(2)) is amended by inserting “and emerging” after “credible.” (133 STAT. 1123)

(b) National exercise program

(1) In general

Beginning not later than 180 days after October 4, 2006, the Administrator [of FEMA], in coordination with the heads of appropriate Federal agencies, the National Council on Disability, and the National Advisory Council, shall carry out a national exercise program to test and evaluate the national preparedness goal, National Incident Management System, National Response Plan, and other related plans and strategies.

(2) Requirements

The national exercise program—

(A) shall be—

(i) as realistic as practicable, based on current risk assessments, including credible and emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences, and designed to stress the national preparedness system;

(ii) designed, as practicable, to simulate the partial or complete incapacitation of a State, local, or tribal government;

(iii) carried out, as appropriate, with a minimum degree of notice to involved parties regarding the timing and details of such exercises, consistent with safety considerations [etc.] (6 U.S. Code § 748ff)

The law can’t be provided here, but with the amendment emphasized, the law now reads:

The law used the words Credible Threats, and later, it was updated to ‘’credible and emerging threats.’’
It may not seem like it at the beginning, but it is very important and significant.

The law wasn’t amended since 2007 bit it was in 2019.

Bear in mind that the original law requires the FEMA admin “in coordination with the heads of appropriate federal agencies” to “carry out a national exercise program to test and evaluate the national preparedness goal, National Incident Management System, National Response Plan, and other related plans and strategies.”

Strategies that are tested and evaluated through the N.E.P. may be the U.S. fed government’s plans and strategies to prepare and protect from infectious diseases and pandemics outbreaks.

Two strategies are the NHSS 2019-2020 and the US DOH and H.S.O. of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response ASPR Strategic plan for 2020-2023.

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