According To An OANN Reporter Team, Kamala Has Just Given Joe A Derogatory – But Perhaps Appropriate – New Nickname

Kamala and Joe’s honeymoon has ended! The cause of it was the admin’s disastrous rollout.

Everyone knows that Biden is a failure, starting from shoddy job reports, through humiliating gaffes, the China plan, and in the end, a human tragedy at the border.

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No one believes in the polls that show he has a 765% approval rate! Don’t believe in this, and you won’t be hopeless.

Biden administration will destroy America! And Harris is aware of it! Now she’s enraged that she’s being tossed out.

Jack shared:

Kamala, you have to know that you’re also a disaster.

Kamala is enraged that she has to bear with the situation at the border, and Joe has to eat his ice cream. OANN reporter Jack Posobiec shared that Team Kamala invented a new nickname for Joe’s team, a brutal one!

Below you can see the comments on the internet.

“I guess she forgot she’s on the same ship”

“I don’t think Dems want her boat after flubbing so hard in both Central America and at the (almost) border.”

“She’s the iceberg.”

“Great let’s get them on the water soon.”

“And I suppose Team Kamala is the SS Californian? Lol”

“Since the Titanic went down it’s an apt reference for Kamala too”

“Bad comparison. At least the Titanic made it out of port before it hit the iceberg.”

“It’s like Game of Thrones. So much intrigue and backstabbing. Sadly sleepy Joe is unaware of what Jill and Ron are doing to keep themselves in power”

“My grandmother would say, that’s the pot calling the kettle black.”

“I suppose Team Kamala thinks they’re the lifeboat. God help us”

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