A Sight To Behold- Crowd of Peaceful But Powerful Anti-Vaccine Protesters Perfectly “Handle” Paris Police [VIDEO]

This is a perfect example of the raw power of a peaceful crowd with a clear aim and vision

Let’s just hope that people from all over the world will find the courage and stand up for their rights- to seek their freedom back!

The entire world is sick and tired of the COVID tyranny.

However, in France, things are getting worse instead of getting better, thanks to unpopular President Macron and his latest decision.

Namely, he has just announced that the COVID vaccine will be “mandatory” for all healthcare workers.

And, as we all know, this is just the start down the slippery slope.

Global elites will not stop with just “medical professionals,” they’ll move the goal post thousands of times in an attempt to force us all to get the vaccine.

However, this new rule infuriated the French people, and they took to the streets to protest.

The massive, yet peaceful, crowd, used its raw peaceful power to literally “handle” the Paris Police.


Watch the video below:

This is just a gentle reminder about who is actually in charge!

This is what we need to see throughout the entire world- masses coming together to send a strong, powerful message, that says, ‘we won’t be pushed around.”


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