A Gut-Punch For The Traitor: Mike Pence Just Got a Humiliating “Reality Check” From Karma

He got what he deserved…

It seems the honest Americans and Karma have something in common- they despise traitors!

One of the biggest GOP traitors, Mike Pence, abandoned former President Trump and his 75+ million voters in a crucial moment- when he could have saved this country from communist peril.

Now, the American public is aware of the fact that Pence stacked Trump’s White House with a slew of #NeverTrump traitors.

Just like Bill Barr, he was a plant, placed there to provide cover and dupe President Trump and his voters.

Fortunately, the time to get his punishment has arrived, and he is now reaping what he sewed.

It’s is clear that he dreams of becoming President in 2024, but he just got a wake-up call for him!

MAGA – who makes up the bulk of the GOP – will never accept him, and it seems that nobody actually likes him!

According to The National Pulse:

A massive National Pulse reader poll has revealed an overwhelming majority of the America First base want a return to the White House for President Donald Trump in 2024, while the MAGA faithful appear to have completely out of love with former Vice President Mike Pence.
Asked, “Who Is Your Preferred Republican for 2024?”, a whopping 67 percent chose President Trump. In second place is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on 17 percent. In third on just three percent is former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

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The rest of the field was as follows:

President Trump (67%)
Governor DeSantis (17%)
Mike Pompeo (3%)
Nikki Haley (3%)
Senator Rand Paul (2%)
Other (2%)
Senator Ted Cruz (2%)
Senator Tim Scott (1%)
Governor Kristi Noem (1%)
Senator Tom Cotton (1%)
Senator Josh Hawley (1%)
Vice President Mike Pence (0%)
A total of 31,152 individuals voted in the poll over the course of three weeks.”

People are done with traitors, and these establishment RINOs need to understand it.

Their decades-long game is over, and things will never go back to how they were, even though they scored a victory by removing President Trump from the White House, at least, for now.

True Americans are now moving even farther to the right with more hardcore America First policies and candidates.



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