A Complete Guide: How Americans Can Avoid COVID Shots Mandate

Conservative commentators on the social media platform Twitter emphasize that “15 days to slow the spread” turned into “two shots to feed your family.”

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People are aware of the time speed along with empty promises.

We show you some valuable tricks of avoiding the vaccination mandate in the USA.


Military staff in active duty may or may not be permitted to get an exemption regarding permission granted by the Commanding Officer. But, military dependents are permitted religious exemptions.


Those Catholics who can’t get a medical exemption will face termination, so they must find another job. Priests are in a very challenging situation. They can contact LifeSiteNews, or they can try to use some other resource to try to avoid the jab.

Other people

Other options for avoiding the vaccine are to get a medical exemption, get a religious exemption, ask for accommodation, or sue.

State law matters: The workers would have more resources if located in Florida rather than NY, Oregon, or California.

14 Republican governors stated that they would reject the Biden vaccine mandate. Montana law prohibits proof of C-19 vaccination as a condition for employment.

Medical Exemptions

“If you have a contraindication to the coronavirus vaccine or are seeking a medical exemption based on the previous infection and thus natural immunity to the coronavirus, the easiest way to file a medical exemption is by getting a trusted doctor to write one for you.

Pregnant women, those with allergies to vaccine ingredients, people who went into anaphylactic shock or had a similar adverse reaction after their first coronavirus vaccine dose are also likely to seek medical exemptions.”

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