A Brand New Twist! Does John Durham Actually Exist?

This is something most of you have never thought of. 

You might be shocked to find out that there is one thing that none of us has considered earlier, and it is related to John Durham.

It is not his resignation, nor the face he is reportedly staying on as Special Counsel.

Have you ever wondered why this man with such a public career does not have a single video of him anywhere online?

Not a specific kind of video, but not one single video of him online!

Plus, there are only 4-5 pictures. That’s all.

The point is that the only thing you’ll be able to find is news anchors talking about John Durham with a still image of his face up on the screen….but nothing else.


Not a press conference, a video of him walking into the courthouse..nothing!

You can search for as many times as you want..and fail.

Do you remember what President Trump said about him?

He said:

I’ve never met the man, never even talked to him.”

From the Hartford Courant:

“You have Bull Durham, who is supposed to be the toughest. I’ve never met him. Never spoke to him. But he’s supposed to be the smartest and the best, and he works for Bill Barr, who is a great attorney general. We would maybe have ended this thing a lot sooner had he been there originally. You have some people who are great people now – patriotic people. They love our country.’’

According to The Hill:

“We caught them all. We’re still waiting for a report from a man named Durham who I’ve never spoken to and never met. They can go after me before the election as much as they want, but unfortunately, Mr. Durham didn’t want to go after these people…before the election, so who knows if he’ll ever even do a report.”

It was reported that he ran the historic Whitey Bulger trial, and no video from that period either.

No video of the trial, not a single press conference or interview or questions from reporters.

So where are the videos? Or there weren’t any in the first place?

It seems that everything points at one question: Did the man never exist?

Someone investigated the matter:

Isn’t this weird?

Check this theory as well:

Now, the newest update. There is one man who posts videos online under the name Erik D. Kirk.

Most of his videos are parodies or comic sketches.

According to his bio, he is a visual effects specialist.

Now, this man posted a new video of this article, covering the question of whether John Durham actually exists. Here it is:

This IS funny. No offense, Erik D. Kirk. Was it meant to be serious?

Was he mocking the entire story?

Yet, what’s sure is that this is NOT John Durham.

As one commenter posted:


That’s the point.

With such a career, this man cannot just decide to keep a low profile, don’t you agree?

So, can you find a video of him?

Give your best!

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