90% Of Users On Twitter Are Bots? What Elon Musk May Have Stumbled Upon

Elon Musk has some concerns about Twitter

The new owner has questions about the network’s viability as a social media platform. Musk wonders if 90% of Twitter’s daily active users are automated bots.

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Can we say that Twitter is a tool for social engineering?

Here’s what Musk said:

The New York Post reported:

Musk tweeted during the early hours of Sunday that he is yet to see “any” analysis that shows that the social media company has fake accounts less than 5%.

He later said that “There is some chance it might be over 90% of daily active users.”

From Fox Business:

Elon Musk has been told by Twitter’s legal team that he violated a non-disclosure agreement after he previously tweeted about how the company checks for bot accounts, he tweeted Saturday.

Shocking development!

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