700,000 Shot Records Contain Erroneous Data!

Vaccines are deadly

The British NHS said they had modified 677,331 vaccine records and deleted 112,939 entries because they had duplicate erroneous information.

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An individual from South London wasn’t able to get his COVID-19 passport because his first dose from February wasn’t added to his health record.

They tried to solve the problem but it didn’t work so the person had to be vaccinated again.

“This has now shown up in the app as my second vaccination, and it appears as though I am fully vaccinated and good to travel,” he said according to the paper. “[I] can now use the domestic pass for the theatre.”

A lot of people had similar problems with their COVID-19 vaccine passports. Everyone is forced to get the jab because the government won’t allow them to finish their daily tasks or enter facilities.

A great number of political and religious leaders are doing their best to fight against these passports. The Together Declaration was created to help people fight for their rights. They say vaccine passports compromise humans’ rights and freedoms.

The declaration needs more signatures to show officials that people are willing to do whatever it takes to oppose their ill practice.

High-profile individuals have signed the declaration. NFS officials, athletes, celebrities… They all signed it.

Allan Miller joined the Together Movement because he is trying to fix society. He would never live in a country in which the government gathers personal information and discriminates people who make chose to protect their lives.

Laura Dodsworth says these passports violate moral values and divide people. They go against our privacy too.

Rev. Jamie Franklin addressed the situation as well.

“As a priest in the Church of England and as a Christian leader, the idea of vaccine passports in churches is unacceptable and impossible for us,” he said according to Conservative Hub.

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Source: The True Defender

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