70% Of The COVID-19 Deaths Are Vaccinated! Boris Johnson’s, BBC’s, And Sky News’ Statements Are FALSE!

BBC published fake news shared by Boris Johnson, who spreads fear to the young population and forces them to get the vaccine. According to Boris, if youngsters don’t take the vaccine, it is highly probable that the new mutations of the virus would kill them.

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Katie Wright wrote another article for BBC News, where Johnson claimed that 75% of the COVID-19 deaths are unvaccinated. Another lie.

Public Health England data shared that from February 1 to August 19, we have reported 1,798 deaths within 28 days of a positive test for the Delta COVID-19 variant. Out of 1,798 totals, 16 deaths were partly vaccinated within 21 days of their positive test, and 126 were partly vaccinated over 21 days prior to the infection.

Furthermore, 1091 from the dead were fully vaccinated and 536 unvaccinated.

30% of the dead people were unvaccinated, and 70% of the COVID-19 people were vaccinated.

Vaccine weakens your organism.

Nevertheless, Sky News shared fake news too. They also promoted the vaccination process.

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According to their articles, 9,472 individuals were hospitalized with the delta variant in the seven days leading up to August 29. In fact, it is wrong. The writer didn’t read very well because we had so many deaths from February 7 until August 19, which is seven months, not days.

Sky News also added that until August 29, 3,742 people under 50 died. Another lie.
It is fake news because if the writer compared his report with the one from August 20, he would have known that we had 698 unvaccinated hospitalizations until August 29.

They are analyzing the numbers as they want to, not as they have to.

Shocking journalism emerged from Sky News and BBC. They promote vaccination and spread fear among the population.

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