5 Very Obvious Problems With Biden’s Latest Attitude For The COVID Vaccination

Joe Biden is lost in space

The US President is always confused, shocked and lost. “Lost” describes him perfectly, right?

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Biden claims that millions of people supported him in November, and we know he lied. Democrats chose the wrong leader to help them win. Dementia Biden is not taking them anywhere.

We are in the middle of a pandemic and Biden tries to encourage people to get COVID jabs.  Well, his latest “thoughts” reminded us of Donald Trump. Yes, the man who tried to save the country. Biden implied the same measurements from Trump’s era.

We give you 5 wrong points in Biden’s statement and his behavior:

  1. He got the jabs and wears a mask

A report by The Federalists suggests that “Biden received his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine on December 21, 2020, while televised. He received the second shot on January 11, 2021, a few days before his inauguration.

Yet he has continued to wear a mask months after being vaccinated, a move that would seem unnecessary based on his latest comments (and common sense). Vice President Kamala Harris does the same, even though she also received her final vaccine dose in January. Not content with one mask, both have often doubled up even post-vaccination, wearing some combination of a paper surgical mask, an N95 mask, and a cloth one.”

  1. His tone on Twitter was subjective and paternalist

Here’s what this man wrote…

  1. He forced an ultimatum

This is definitely not the way to lead a country. Biden should have tried harder.

  1. His statement is unclear

Should kids get vaccinated? Will they tell us the minimum and maximum age limit to get COVID jabs? Newborns aren’t included in the vaccination process.

  1. If you wear a mask, do you get to make a choice regarding the vaccine?

Wearing a mask is same as showing a vaccination passport.


You get to decide what works for you. Take care of yourself and your family.

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Source: The True Defender

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