350,000 Ballots Missing From CA Recall Election – AP Says Is A Staff Error Incident!

On Tuesday, more than 350,000 ballots disappeared from the recall election in California on live TV. The AP stated that the incident occurred because of a human error.

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On CNN LIVE, approximately 350,000 ballots went missing from the CA recount.

The event is somewhat similar to the glitches from the 2020 election when those ballots mysteriously disappeared.

Steve Bannon commented on this in his War Room.

The AP stated a probable reason for the ballots’ disappearance in the CA recount on Tuesday.

Claim: During live CNN election coverage of the California recall election on Sept. 14, more than 350,000 votes to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom suddenly disappeared.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: Missing context. Edison Research, the polling firm that provides election data to CNN, said a data reporting error by one of its staffers caused false vote totals to briefly appear on a live CNN broadcast. The error was fixed within two minutes.

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