3 Countries That Rejected The COVID-19 Shot Have Dead Presidents Now!

Some people would think that it is a conspiracy theory or a coincidence, but be aware that we are only reporting the truth!

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Three presidents from different countries are dead, and the cause is a mystery! Only two to three months difference among the time of the deaths makes them suspicious! Also, the three presidents have one thing in common, they didn’t allow vaccines to be distributed to their countries and applied among the population!

The presidents of Burundi, Tanzania, and Haiti are dead under suspicious circumstances.

Pierre Nkurunziza, the president of Burundi.

John Magufuli, the president of Tanzania.

Jovenel Moise, the president of Haiti!

Hal Turner imposed one rhetorical question!

‘’What are the odds of these three particular men, all dying in office . . . and the only thing they have in common is that they refused to accept the vaccine for their countries?

Their deaths look like murder; although the one in Haiti was straight-up murder, he was assassinated by men with guns.’’

He pointed out what we are reporting since the beginning of the pandemic! The coronavirus situation is a conspiracy that will kill millions and billions of people worldwide.

‘’ Many people have speculated that the entire COVID-19 was a staged, intentionally deadly attack on humanity itself.

There are people on this planet who believe that humanity itself is like a virus against the planet. They believe humanity is destroying the planet, and so, they continue, humanity must be culled.

Many of those people are in positions of great power and wealth.
It is thought by a large number of people that the so-called “vaccine” for COVID-19 is the method by which these people have decided to cull humanity.

So, the theory goes, they hyped a “novel coronavirus,” which is shown to have a 99.6% SURVIVAL RATE, as a reason to get a new, untested, unproven “vaccine.” The trouble is, this vaccine does not use active or even attenuated virus in it, but instead uses mRNA technology, which has never been used as a “vaccine” anywhere on the planet, ever before.’’ Turner said.

’Many, many people have already DIED after getting this “vaccine,” and hundreds of thousands are severely injured, some permanently disabled, after getting it.’’ He added. ‘’If this theory about using a vaccine to cull humanity is true, would the people perpetrating it even hesitate to murder three Presidents? And if they’re willing to murder Presidents, would they even think twice about murdering YOU?’’

We are reporting on this since the very beginning of the situation! We want to tell everyone what is behind this and to expose the evil officials who are pushing the vaccine with Big Pharma.

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