20 Babies In A Truck transported In Carcasses of Dead Beef For Trading & Sale!

“There are more slaves on earth now than there was ever in history.”

It won’t stop here… Human and child trafficking has destroyed the lives of so many people. Police reports show that at least 2 million kids are kidnapped and trafficked every year. More than half of all kids in this world are slaves.

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Latest news reveal that 20 babies were transported in dead beef carcasses.

“Child trafficking had reached unimaginable levels; this time, a new form of child trafficking was discovered when 20 babies were found in a truck carrying beef.

The truck was stopped by Mexican authorities for a routine check at a checkpoint; the driver said he was transporting meat for a grocery shop; with this version, the authorities checked the refrigerators from the truck.
Authorities found several babies in the meat with a dummy in their mouths to stop them from crying. The photo below is from a leading and trusted newspaper from the Dominican Republic.

This photo has not been photoshopped; it is not a fake and not from anything else.

As you can see, this is all coordinated and very well systematized method to pervert society and destroy the family construct. They actively work through education, media, and legislation to turn the children against their parents and make parents powerless, so that they cannot teach moral values.”

COMMENT:” Sickening, but because it is true, we need to know this. The biggest half-known situation was Haiti after the earthquake when the Clinton and Bush, W., joined to raise billions and then thousands of children were” orphaned” out though their relatives and parents protested.”

When will this end?

Watch this video to find the truth about child trafficking and abuse.

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Source: The True Defender

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