160 San Francisco Sheriffs’ Deputies Threaten To Quit Over Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Americans had to quit their jobs because of the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine. Some of them accepted that they are losing their careers, but others decided to fight against the tyranny.

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San Francisco’s population raised their voice against the mandatory experimental jabs. Mayor London Breed stated that the vaccine was mandatory for every kind of job in the city.

A great figure of San Francisco police officers fights back against the vaccine. Of the total 700 Deputy Sheriffs, only 160 have remained unvaccinated and didn’t accept the vaccines. It represents 23% of the police force, so they are facing threats to lose their jobs.

Below you can read the statement from the San Francisco Deputy Sherriff’s Association:

San Francisco’s skyrocketing crime made the police force desperate to keep every single officer:

They are passing a horror, and the officials are concerned about vaccinating the police officers with a job that is still experimental. However, they have to redirect their focus to the civilians’ safety.


The Epoch Times covered this story:

A number of San Francisco deputies will seek employment elsewhere or opt for early retirement if they are required to take the COVID-19 vaccine under a new imposed vaccine mandate, warned the city’s sheriff’s union on Friday.

San Francisco officials recently announced that all city employees will have to be vaccinated or face possible termination.

There are about 35,000 city employees. Religious exemptions or medical reasons may let some bypass the mandate, but those who refuse the shot and have no exemption will encounter consequences that could result in termination, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

The San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association published a statement on Facebook, saying they always supported safety measures against the virus but the issue at hand is that about 160 of their Sheriffs don’t want to take the vaccine due to their beliefs.

“The problem we are faced with now is the strict San Francisco Mandate which is vaccinate or be terminated. If deputy sheriffs are forced to vaccinate a percentage of them will retire early or seek employment elsewhere,” reads the statement.

The Sheriff’s Association notes that 160 of their 700 deputies are unwilling to take the vaccine, and that they can’t afford to lose them since they already have the lowest-ever staffing due to applicant testing restrictions imposed by the mayor.

“The majority of Deputy Sheriffs are vaccinated. Approximately 160 out 700 Deputy Sheriffs are not vaccinated [and] prefer to mask and test weekly instead of being vaccinated due to religious and other beliefs. Currently, the staffing at the SFSO is at the lowest it has ever been due to the past 9-month applicant testing restriction placed on the Sheriff’s Office by the May.”

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