11-Year-Old Student Covered Herself In Classmates Blood To Avoid Death

The survival story.

After the terrible events that happened in the past days, it’s always a good thing to hear something nice. This story is so inspiring and comforting that it motivates us to find ways to deal with the demonic events mentally.

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One of those stories is when an 11-year-old girl was in the classroom where the massive murder happened, but she survived. She covered herself in the blood of her classmates, and she pretended to be dead.

TMZ reported that the girl at the Robb Elementary School went into survival mode once she saw that her classmate was killed. The girl smeared the other girl’s blood all over her body and pretended she was dead.

Miah Cerrillo now suffers extreme trauma after she saved her life.

Bianca Rivera, her aunt, went to KPRC and said that her niece ‘’played dead.’’

The 4rth grader called 911 from her teacher’s phone.


The law enforcement didn’t enter the building for over an hour after the initial attack. The attacker started firing shots out of the window in the school, but the police didn’t fire back.

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