10 Absurdly Wasteful Items Tucked Into Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Tax-And-Spend Monstrosity

House Democrats waste our money

Americans read the full text of Dems’ $3.5 trillion tax-and-spend package. This would definitely boost federal spending in the middle of the high inflation and impose monstrous tax hikes. We are still in the middle of a pandemic, remember?

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The 2,465-page bill will blow your mind.

We have covered a few points:

1) $25 Million for ‘Anti-discrimination and Bias Training’ at HHS

In Section 31056 of this bill, Congress wants to mandate training of this type of at the Department of Health and Human Services. It is the biggest nondefense agency.

House Democrats will only make the situation worse.

2) $200 Million for Presidio Trust, aka ‘Pelosi’s Park

In section 70203 of the bill you will read about the $200 million dedicated for Presidio Trust. It’s a park in the north end of San Francisco. Yes, Pelosi’s neighborhood. It’s wealthy and there’s a gold course. Need more?

3) Welfare for Journalists

In Section 138517, Dems give tax credit toward “compensation for local news journalists.” The secretary of the treasury will be required to issue “regulations and guidance as are necessary” and the government will determine “the news.”

The tax credit is “Refundable” so money-losing organizations would get a big check from Biden.

4) $1.25 Billion for Activists, Bureaucrats to Go After Landlords

Liberals say that housing is a right. Congress members want to fund anti-property activists and regulatory enforcers with $1.25 billion.

Sections 40106 and 40107 has phrases like “fair housing organizations.”

5) $4.5 Billion for Federal Housing Plan Takeover

The bill will impose a big federal takeover of housing policy. Section 40103 has $4.5 billion for bureaucrats so they can “Develop” and “evaluate” housing plans. Fancy, huh?

6) $26.5 Billion for Left-Wing Transportation Programs

Sections 110002 through 110012 suggest that Dems want to give $26.5 billion for rail, slush funds, and Green New Deal transportation programs.

Joe Biden promised to avoid this “double dipping,” but the situation took a different turn. Dems have different plans.

7) Extra Funding for Bureaucrats, Ad Campaigns

At least $13.3 billion will go to federal bureaucrats and more billions for ad campaigns.

Biden’s friends are getting a lot of money this time.

8) $197 Million to Subsidize Hiring Local Teachers

Hundreds of billions of dollars will help Dems push their plans for our education. They want “free” community college tuition and “Free meals.” Really?

Section 20006 of the bill says that $197 million will go for “Grow Your Own.”

9) $7.5 Billion ‘Community’ Slush Fund

Section 40105 gives $7.5 billion for a “community restoration and revitalization” fund. This includes “Creating equitable civic infrastructure” and “capacity building.”

Dems won’t even address poverty and the factors that led to this situation. They won’t do a thing about destructive business regulations and government mismanagement.

10) 2 Decades of Funding for Obscure Tech Accounts

Sections 80010 and 80011 gives $2.35 billion to Federal Citizens Services Fund. It deals with government websites and information technology related to the executive branch.

The fund will be getting money for two decades.

Biden planned it all, right?

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Source: The Political Insider

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