Why Did China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735 Suddenly Nosedive 29,000 Feet And Crash?

Why did China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 crash?

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The flight was less than 100 miles from its final destination when it nosedived 29,000.

There weren’t any problems, but the plane dropped straight down and crashed, killing more than 130 passengers.

It was reported that 132 people died. But, the media later reported that 133 people died.

Did they make a mistake? Or the passenger X was of great importance?

We don’t know why MU5735 crashed!

Everything is so mysterious.

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It’s tragic, and our sympathies go to all the families affected. But, something has to hold down the nose.

Zero Hedge reported:

But as the investigation begins, the only thing we know for certain is that China’s first passenger airline crash in a decade is extremely unusual as far as plane crashes go. Why? Because, as the video below shows, the plane essentially dropped out of the sky, with the nose of the plane declining at an extreme angle.

According to experts quoted by Bloomberg, this gives the incident an extremely unusual profile.

While there have been a handful of crashes in which an airliner plunged from cruising altitude, few, if any, fit the extreme profile of the Boeing Co. 737-800 as it pointed steeply toward the ground, according to veteran crash investigators and previous accident reports.

“It’s an odd profile,” said John Cox, an aviation safety consultant and former 737 pilot. “It’s hard to get the airplane to do this.”

Just look at the angle of the plane seen in footage of the crash, which has been circulating on social media.


Answers will likely be forthcoming, although we suspect, given the crash occurred in China, may not be timely. But one thing is clear: something must have gone seriously wrong for the nose of the plane to have declined at such an extreme angle.

You need something to hold the nose down,” said Benjamin Berman, a a former NTSB investigator who has experience flying 737s.

“You need something to hold the nose down.”

This is what makes the crash suspicious. It’s not like the rest of the plane crashes.

What really happened?

NBC News reported:

Aviation experts say the jetliner that crashed Monday in China was one of the safest in the world, which could raise questions about one of the industry’s workhorses, the Boeing 737-800 NG.

China Eastern Airlines Flight 5735 crashed in the mountains of southern China, leaving the fate of its 132 passengers and crew members unknown. No survivors had been found as the search continued Tuesday, according to Chinese state media.

Investigators are likely to use flight recordings and the final minutes of air traffic control communication to determine what caused the crash.

The plane lost contact over Wuzhou during a flight between the southern cities of Kunming and Guangzhou, the airline and the country’s Civil Aviation Administration said. The latter is leading the investigation.

“They will be looking for the flight data recorder and the voice data recorder from the crash site, because they hold vital information to really know what occurred during the last moments before the aircraft’s descent. That will be important,” said Hassan Shahidi, the president of the Flight Safety Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes aviation safety.

Investigators also will delve into the maintenance history of the aircraft and its engine, the recent training of the flight crew and the pilot’s experience, he said.

Is this a ‘’regular’’ tragic accident?

Is it linked to the Russia and Ukraine conflict?

Or maybe this was a terrorist attack?

It’s too early to know that.

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