WHISTLEBLOWER: Vaccines Injuries Exploded! Severe Heart Issues As Side Effects!

An eye-opening story

Governments around the world force people to get vaccines. They claim COVID-19 jabs would stop the virus. Well, these vaccines can’t do a thing. They can even make the whole thing even worse.

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Liberals are out of options. People are standing against their sick policies. Their tyranny has come to an end.

What’s next? They are now going after kids in kindergartens. Toddlers and infants are on their list.

Enter booster shots. We know what happens when you get Pfizer and Moderna.

Rhonda has something to say about this. This lady is a nurse and she can easily lose her job after this testimony. If you ask Rhonda about her experience, she will say that she has seen patients dealing with blood clots, heart issues, chest pain, and stroke. Rhonda even added that the state board of health is trying to hide the truth.

Here’s what she said on the Stew Peter’s show.

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Source: The True Defender

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