Well, Now We Know Exactly Why The “Swap” Will Never Happen

When Joe Biden entered the White House as the president, everyone talked about the plan that Joe would quit and Kamala would step in and take over.

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Many people thought this way because Joe Biden was sick and frail, so Kamala would finish the mandate.

But, we realized how buffoonish Kamala is. She was a ding-a-ling, but she was much worse than this. Kamala was even worse than Biden.

The ‘’swap’’ came back into style. Biden’s cognitive situation has gotten worse, and he looks so frail.

Not so long ago, Biden fell off his bike! So, the swap appeared to be back on. How can Biden keep doing this for three years?

The latest polls show that Americans Biden is too far-gone mentally and can’t be the president.

Breitbart reported that most of the voters are concerned about Biden’s mental and physical fitness. The poll conducted by Scott Rasmussen and RMF Research asked, “How worried are you about the mental and physical fitness of President Joe Biden?”

59% said they were worried, 39% were very worried, and 20% were somewhat worried.

35% weren’t worried, 18% weren’t very worried, and 17% weren’t worried at all.

The poll asked, “Suppose that President Biden stepped down and Kamala Harris became president. Would that be better or worse for the United States?”

47% think the nation would be worse off with Harris as president, while only 27% believe the nation would be better off with Harris. 26% were unsure.

America doesn’t like Kamala Harris! But, how Joe did have 81 million votes.

Americans are scared, regardless if you admit that or not.

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