WE WERE RIGHT: Joe Biden’s Booster Jab Was 100% Faked! Fox News Confirms!

When the news broke that Biden got the booster shot, we shared immediately that something was wrong with it.

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It was like a cartoon or a movie.

If you haven’t watched the video, see it below:

We weren’t the only ones who noticed it:

Something is very weird, the window is somehow fake, and something is wrong with his head too.

We nailed it this one. See what has been circling around the internet:

It is fake! At first, we thought that some hater faked the shot and improvised that Biden faked the WH set. But, it turned out to be true, and many people are confused! Biden is such a faker. He was faking the WH set. It seems that Biden didn’t get the shot. Everything was staged.

Fox News confirmed it:

Check this out:

Stephen Colbert mocked it:

Is Biden the president? Why would he try to fake the WH set?

We all know that he didn’t win the election, so is he truly in the WH at first?

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