WAYNE ROOT: What Difference Does Proving A Stolen Election Make? All The Difference In The World.

Hillary’s statement about Benghazi: “What difference does it make?”

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With this line, Hillary wanted to say that it’s over, and Nothing will change. It was convenient for Hillary and Obama. Numerous heroes died at Benghazi, so the last thing that they needed was an investigation.

The Dems since 2020 are saying only one same thing: “What difference does it make? Trump lost. It’s over. The election is certified. Biden is the President. Nothing will change. You’re all wasting your time.”

We live in a state of the law; that’s why Americans are the greatest nation in world history. If laws, investigations, arrests, ad convictions didn’t exist, we would be like Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela, or Zimbabwe. People experience misery every day, without rights, and the governments are despots and criminals that everything they please.

We live in America, and that cannot happen! Everything has to be investigated, and justice must surface!

Forensic audits will share the truth, and we will be free. Everything will surface, and the Dems know that. Biden cheated and won the 2020 election. Trump is the absolute President, and Biden is the fake one, fraudulent.

Once we prove that the election was stolen, a world change will occur. Dems and the fake media are aware of this, and they are afraid. They are so scared of the consequences.

They will say: “Nothing can be done. Stolen election, or not, Biden is President, end of the story. Tough luck.”

For sure, Dems have a dark destiny, and that will start once we find out the evidence.

Below you can read about the things that we could imagine happening soon.

Once it is proven that the election was stolen, it would be the Dems end. It is like a famous business mogul is exposed to as a criminal who stole people’s money. You can ask Bernie Madoff. He cannot appear at his door because people hate him and yell SHAME once they see him.

Lawsuits will appear in high numbers. Dems will dry up. Biden will never pass other legislation, and he wouldn’t be able to leave the WH.

Republicans will win in 2022, and the GOP will have control of both Houses of Congress. Trump will regain the presidency in 2024!!!

Numerous protests, million-man-marches in DC’s streets, there were separate protests, unrest, civil disobedience, and the prospect of 74 million Trump voters’ withholding taxes to ruin Biden’s administration and make Biden resign.

Now come the criminal charges. Numerous Dems involved from across the country in the most significant theft in America, and I call it treason!

That’s why the Democrats are panicking.

Presenting evidence that the 2020 election was stolen will do the entire work. And America’s destiny will be changed.

Let all hope that the forensic audits will pass smoothly, giving the right direction to the people.

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