WATCH: Doctor Exposes Alarming Rate Of Stillbirths In Fully Vaccinated Mothers In Canada; 13 Stillbirths In 24 Hours In British Columbia

Dr. Daniel Nagase, MD. And Dr. Mel Bruchet, MD, raised their voices and exposed the public health disaster that government and the MSM don’t want to share.

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Doulas in woman’s and children’s hospitals explained the alarming rate of stillbirths in British Columbia, Canada.

Dr. Nagase shared that the doulas had 13 stillbirths in only 24 hours. But, that’s now all! Waterloo, Ontario, has shared that from January to July, they have reported 86 stillbirths, and during the previous years, they had only 5-6 per year.

At this point, Waterloo faced 14-15 stillbirths per month.

The shocking detail here is that all mothers of the 86 children were vaccinated.

Take a look at the video below:

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Dr. Nagase and Dr. Bruchet went to the North Vancouver RCMP Office with the rest of the citizens that supported them to file complaints about the policies enacted by the officials.

Watch this:

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