[WATCH] COVID Police Breaks Easter Mass Off As “Unlawful Assembly”

COVID police in action

There are so many theories related to the coronavirus pandemic. People go crazy. Some of them wouldn’t leave their home at any cost. They wear 2 masks outside and don’t even communicate with their closest friends and family. Others believe the whole COVID thing is fake. Well, they didn’t get the point.

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Truth is, COVID exists. Millions of people got it. It’s worse than common flu and colds. However, everyone has a different response. Some had to be admitted to a hospital while others walk freely with no symptoms.

Masks and social distance can’t help us. Politicians use the situation to earn money and plant fear. Many cancer patients had cold at the time of their death. But, we can’t say that cold killed them.

Regardless of what you think about COVID, we all need to stop Democrats.

Just take a look at this incident in London. The COVID police broke into a Good Friday Mass service and shut the whole thing down. According to them, it was an “unlawful assembly.”

So, going to the church is wrong. It’s a well-ventilated church. And Dems say flights are safe, right?

This is wrong at so many levels.

It’s up to you to decide what happens next.

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Source: The True Defender

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