Watch: Cops Caught in Supermarket Shootout with Security Guard

US marshal was injured in a shooting in the aftermath of a supermarket shootout

The first incident took place in Baltimore on Jan. 30. A grocery store security guard was upset over a paycheck issue, and the whole thing turned into an in-store shootout. The suspect of the incident died in another shooting a few days later.

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WJZ-TV reported that the US marshal was critically injured in the second shooting. However, his recovery is doing really well now.

Dontae Green worked as a security guard in Compare Foods. According to reports, the 34-year-old was upset with the store management.

The police responded to a call about an armed man in the store.

The video of the response shows police officers checking out the store with their guns drawn. At one point, we can hear multiple shots. The Baltimore Police Department released the body-cam video this month.

The officers went after the shooter, and the body-cam video shows employees and shoppers screaming for help.

A 20-year-old was shot in the arm.

Green tried to shoot Officer Wesley Rosenberger and escaped the store through a back door.

It doesn’t end here. Two US marshals tracked Green to serve him with a warrant. The gunman hid in a closet and fired at officers searching the house. They returned fire, and Green was killed in the second shootout.

WJZ reported that one of the officers was in critical condition. He was placed on life support, but his recovery was doing well, and he was soon released from the hospital.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison revealed Green was facing 19 charges. Armed robbery, attempted murder…

“It goes without saying, going after violent offenders is one of the most dangerous jobs in America,” Harrison told The Post.

“This is a very dangerous situation, and we have to remember that we will be going after these violent criminals,” Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott said, according to WBAL-TV. “It shows how proactive the department has been going after those who are recklessly acting with abandon with the safety of fellow Baltimoreans, and it’s something we will not tolerate.”

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Source: The Washington Post

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