WATCH: As Soon As Joe Biden Begins To Ask Yet Another Rambling Question, The White House Feed Is Cut Off

We laughed hard at this. It’s laugh or cry, and you don’t have a third option. I advise you to laugh; it’s better for your health.

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Joe in the video has a cadaver energy level, and he’s trying to spit out a question. However, the handler knows the outcome, so he shuts the deed and says, ‘’Thanks for watching.’’

An amusing appearance. When the disaster happened and feed disconnected, Biden was located in Boise.
Capradio said that Biden was on his way back to California to campaign for Newsom. He started the trip from Boise, Idaho, meeting with officials from the National Interagency Fire Center. Later, he’s visiting El Dorado Country to discuss the fires with fire officials.

The Cador Fire burned more than 219,000 acres and damaged more than 1,000 buildings (782 residences). Biden declared it as a major disaster. The FEMA declaration signifies that the affected zones can receive federal assistance for recovery.

See the video below:

Below you can read the online comments.

“That man ain’t in charge of shite.”

“Another strong, professional performance by the Biden admin LOL”

“I see this stuff and I feel like we’re living in the Twilight zone” 

“Why are we all pretending this is normal behavior for a president?” 

“This is the new way that they’re controlling Joe because he’s getting so out of hand ” 

We will never know what Biden would have said if it moved on filming.

Others manage Biden, but I think that he has to have more influence on the events because, after all, he is the president.

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