WATCH: According To The Chief Medical Officer, Nonstop COVID Shots Are The Plan

Does he have a plan?

Kerry Chant, the Chief Medical Officer of New South Wales, talked about our freedom and the medical dictatorship in the US.

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How will we fight against the biggest problem in this country?

Reporter: “But, as we witness places like Israel experience an increase in instances due to high vaccination rates, how crucial are boosters in preserving this established lockdown plan, and how quickly do we need to acquire them so that we can keep the freedoms promised?”

Kerry Chant: “We must become accustomed to receiving COVID vaccines in the future. I can’t claim that COVID isn’t going to be around for a long time. Perhaps in the future, we will be able to reach this goal with even better vaccinations and global coverage. As a public health specialist, I always wish for diseases to be completely eradicated, but that is not on the horizon anytime soon. As a result, booster and repeat doses will be required.

And, in the future, booster doses will be recommended, and I can promise you that the Commonwealth Government has purchased huge quantities of vaccine through 2022. As we learn more about when immunity wane, this will be our regular vaccination and re-vaccination cycle.”

Americans will always follow their dreams. They will always keep their firearms around.

The 2nd Amendment is standing between us and “totalitarian tyrants.”

Here’s what those people said before:

“Her eye movements would indicate antidepressant or similar psychoactive usage”

“I wonder if they will make covid shots every 8 or six months. We are living in some strange times. My mom if fully vaxxed but won’t hug me because I just can’t get the mark.”

“1shot 2shot 3shot floor”

“she looks like a junkie”

“What an incredibly evil lier this pseudo medical person is! The words which she spoke could be used as a parody by Monty Python!”

“I guess she “missed” the results of the recent study out of Israel that natural immunity is 13 times more powerful than these experimental “Death Shot” injections.”

“Death to enemy infiltrators!”

“good luck trying”

“F***ing hell! This is terrifying.”

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