War Crime Documents Surface Of Red Cross Black Market Child Organ Harvesting In Ukraine, Azov Implicated [VIDEO]

“…the Red Cross was interested in children not for the treatment of diseases, but for the extraction of organs.”

People have been asking if the Ukrainian Red Cross Society has been involved in “shady activities,” suggesting the harvesting of children’s organs.

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Sputnik News reported that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation announced their plan to analyze video footage from the Red Cross base located in Mariupol, Ukraine, where medical files with references to children with “healthy organs” were discovered.

The investigative committee statement reads, “Investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia, within the framework of the criminal cases already being investigated in the department about the crimes of the Kyiv regime, will study the specified information and give it a criminal legal assessment.”

Vladimir Taratenko, the leader of Donetsk-based “Peoples Retinue,” is the original source of the statement that said the Red Cross was engaged in some weird illegal activity. The “Peoples Retinue” consisted of volunteers who aimed to assist law enforcement in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Taranenko shared a video of a search of the Red Cross office in Mariupol on social media, where the materials mention children with “healthy organs” were found. Also, they found documents mentioning “how to use weapons, including in a format intended for children.”

Strategic Culture Foundation, described by Wikipedia as “a Russian think tank…regarded as an arm of Russian state interests by the United States government,” shared a report from the entity dubbed “Ukraine – black market of transplantology” went into the allegations against the red Cross.

“While there is no official conclusion, experts, and just not indifferent people, express their versions and offer to recall the events of the recent past. So, a historian and political scientist, Anton Bredikhin, recalled that the territory of Donbass controlled by Kyiv was until recently a link in the chain that closed in Kosovo.”

“And in the ‘chain’ they are engaged in trafficking in human organs. Therefore, Bredikhin does not exclude that in Mariupol, ‘ appropriate measures could be taken and children could be prepared for further removal of their organs.’ Of course, with the preliminary murder of the ‘donor.'”

The Strategic Culture Foundation added, “in 2018, when on May 17, the Verkhovna Rada adopted Law No. 2427-VIII ‘On the use of transplantation of human anatomical materials.’ Even then, it was said that Ukraine was being turned into a black market for transplantology, but Ukraine jumped around and didn’t notice anything.”


In a fact check featured in Polygraph, it was stated that these claims of organ harvesting in Ukraine were “misleading,” stating that the discovered “records cited as evidence, even if authentic, could well be kept for legitimate reasons.”

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