[VIDEO] When Biden Gets Confused While Hosting Thanksgiving Event, He Calls On Jill

It’s Happy Thanksgiving, Biden, not Happy Easter!

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It is because Biden is confused, and he is in a perpetual state of “Huh? What? Where do I go?” and this Thanksgiving dinner Biden was hosting the same way.

Banana Brains should never be given a microphone without a gigantic 75-inch teleprompter close behind.

His handlers would like to live life on the edge because, during the dinner of this holiday, Biden was given a live mic, and he was the master of ceremonies. However, things didn’t pass so well.

Joe forgot to introduce the people, and he didn’t know what to do, so Biden was very nervous. He called out to the one woman who always stands next to him, his wife, Jill.

He asked, “Now, where am I supposed to go?”

Later, he started talking about someone off-camera pointing at him.

At this moment, Biden is very confused, so he calls his wife Jill.

The situation was uncomfortable for the people, but they pretended to understand what Joe Biden was talking about.

Take a look at the video below:

Joe is very slow, and he distracts from his inability to understand simple decisions by making jokes and sounding playful.

While the audience was weirdly nervous and laughed at Biden’s stupid jokes while he was obviously struggling with Alzheimer’s, Joe can shuffle around and try to pull it together.

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