[VIDEO] US Soldier Says Things Aren’t “Adding Up” With Uvalde Shooter And His Pricey Weapons

Things aren’t logical about the Uvalde shooting.

It’s a horrific disaster, but people asked too many questions about how the entire thing unfolded.

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The local police didn’t behave very well, and they didn’t engage the shooter and refused to allow others to engage the shooter.

Border patrol stated ‘’screw you’’ and entered in. The special agent killed the shooter and ended the nightmare.

People asked different questions about the 18-year-old kid that killed 19 kids. Regarding the fact he was unemployed, where did he get the money to buy the weapon?

The grandfather stated that everything was suspicious from the day the grandmother said he would have to pay for his cell phone plan. The boy had some financial issues, so how could he afford the weapons?


Here are the online comments:

“The reason the FBI (FumblingBumblinIdiots) were sent in, is, the FBI wants to make sure there is no evidence which could lead back to their involvement! “

“it’s a black-op Manchurian Candidate style mass murder. Mind Control of vulnerable personalities through subliminal COMMANDS hacked into high level violent video game action. Where is Ramos’ X-box console? Bet the Feds took it. If it was on “Record”, then those hacked subliminal COMMANDS might be discovered. Too many similarities with Vegas shooter”

“In a day where we have cop car cams, body cams, traffic cams, school cams and cameras on every single f#cking phone how is it we only have 10 seconds of shaky, blurry footage of Salvador Ramos (pesumably) wandering around outside? Which BTW, is 10 seconds more than Adam Lanza.”

“You’re going to start seeing this story fade away. Powers that be no longer want to see it in the headlines.”

“Oh, and he forgot all the ammo and range time to become proficient in their use.”

“I would imagine the FBI dropped a duffle bag on his doorstep, then went and propped the door open!!!”

The Americans deserve to know the truth; how the unemployed boy could afford that equipment?

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