[VIDEO] Two Elderly White Women In An Elevator Hit A Black Man For Not Wearing His Mask

Yes, this really happened…

This is definitely the craziest video you will see these days. It’s bizarre, awkward, and strange. There’s so much going on here…

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Two elderly white ladies attacked a black man just because he wasn’t wearing a facemask. There’s more… They even chanted “Black Lives Matter.”

What? This is wrong on so many levels.

We are confused…

Let me get this straight. These ladies hit a black man and chanted “Black Lives Matter.”

The incident took place in an elevator. These ladies are crazy.

Check out this video:

Here’s what people said online:

“Sorry but if someone touches me like that I don’t care who they are… but they won’t be yelling after…”

“They’re really yelling “Black lives matter” as they literally attack a black man for not conforming to them. Wow”

“White libs have lost the plot. What a weaponized propaganda machine that they chant this phrase while actually abusing a black man. It’s not a protective armor that negates personal responsibility to treat others with dignity.”

“I was told mass formation psychosis isn’t real.”

“Lmao where did the black lives matter come from all of the sudden”

“Every. Single. White. Progressive. Woman.”

“Its the flared nostrils and crazy eyes for me”

“If they are so worried, why don’t they just exit the elevator? Looks like there’s lots of safe, uncontaminated air in that hallway.”

“This is going to confuse the purple haired on which side they are supposed to take.”

“There’s a lot wrong in this video, but when she pulled down her mask to yell it defeated the purpose of her wearing it in the first place.”

“I love how they yell Black live matter in self defense haha like all of the woke corporate media”

““We’re not racist, we’re inhuman!””

“I love the part where the realized they fucked up. They start chanting nonsense, like a woke prayer might help.”

“I bet they’re school teachers”

This is Joe Biden’s COVID police.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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