[VIDEO] Tucker Explains Exactly Why Chris Cuomo’s Days At CNN Are Numbered

Chris Cuomo is in a really big trouble

This man crosses the red line over and over again. Remember what happened last month? He helped his brother write all those statements.

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Why did he try this hard to help his pervert brother? Chris did a terrible thing…

Chris had a thing with his boss at a party. Well, he apologized via an email… Was this enough? He will soon get a big NO from CNN.

Tucker predicted that CNN anchor Chris Cuomo will soon leave the network. People won’t get over this sexual harassment allegation.

Cuomo is “clearly getting fired,” Tucker Carlson told Megyn Kelly during a wide-ranging interview on her podcast. ‘He’s done.”

Former ABC News executive Shelly Ross penned an essay for the New York Times. She accused Cuomo of groping her. Of course, Cuomo tried to apologize, and wrote “I am ashamed.”

“This is a very powerful person accusing Chris Cuomo and proving that he acted like a pig,” he claimed.

CNN allowed Cuomo to do his terrible interviews with his brother Cuomo to brag about the “leadership” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chris wasn’t disciplined for trying to help Andrew.

Here’s what Carlson said:

The Cuomo brothers are idiots who don’t deserve a minute of your time. But, hey, we had to write this article and share the most recent update.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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