[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Just Took Bill And Hillary’s Beach Picture And Made It Great Again LOL

Someone had so much fun!

Did you see Hillary’s beach photos? Well, this is something you don’t want to see. The former presidential candidate and her husband look really scary. They are not even cool!

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Some of these photos made rounds on the internet. Creepy guys!

This makes us think of “Dawn of the Dead, Hampton’s Style.”

These photos gave us chills. Zombie apocalypse? Hillary looks pretty scary. What’s this lady up to? She doesn’t even look like a lady.

One Trump supporter decided to have some fun. This person used a photo and turned it into a mind-blowing video

Here’s the original photo of the Clintons. Hillary sits on a dock, and her beloved husband is right by her side.

What’s he thinking? Push her in the water?

People got some really crazy ideas, and this can turn into an interesting meme.

Americans like to have fun online and this video may be our favorite.

You have never seen anything like this. Get ready for this awesome masterpiece.

In this particular scenario, the Trump supporter has the former candidate “still crying” over the presidential loss in 2016. Bill is there to “comfort her.” Sort of. Not really.

So, Hillary’s cries get louder and at the 30-second mark, things get crazy. And fun. Enjoy this! We sure enjoyed it!

This video will make your day. It will make you think of all time times Hillary failed to make a career in the world of politics. She is not someone who can lead this country. Her husband got away with so many criminal acts back in the days. These two belong to prison and we really want to see them behind bars. A lot of people died because of the Clintons. They have been linked to the death of many “obstacles.”

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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