[VIDEO] Tommy Tuberville Thinks Biden’s Latest Foreign Policy Trip Was “Staged”

Send grandpa home!

Our “great” President will have to leave the White House sooner than expected. We heard people say “the fix is in for Joe Biden.” As you may have noticed, the road is always pre-patched for Biden. However, this hasn’t stopped Dementia Joe from tripping. As if this wasn’t enough, the man is unable to make a simple sentence.

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Saw what happened at G7? Biden wasn’t supposed to go there. He went there to represent our country, but the only thing he did was make people laugh. World leaders laughed at our so-called president. Let’s not forget that Biden had the press on his side. Reporters praised Biden and his “accomplishment” at G7.

One thing stands for sure. Biden’s G7 trip was a disaster.

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville sounded the alarm, claiming there’s something “fishy” about Biden’s trip.

Watch this video:

We’d gladly address several issues related to Biden’s visit overseas, but it will take a few days to cover it all.

How did Biden address the threat coming from China? He didn’t address it. He just scratched the surface, but the praise poured praise over the old man.

From CNN

(CNN)US presidents don’t normally go to Europe and keep talking about China. But Joe Biden thinks he’s convinced his new European friends of the need to stand up to Chinese autocracy, human rights abuses and economic rule-breaking.

China is nothing short of a foreign policy fixation in Washington. So it doesn’t take a genius to know what Biden may want in return for patching up the trans-Atlantic wounds of the Trump era. He said he “walked away” from the G7 summit in the UK convinced that the group recognizes that Beijing is part of a growing threat to global democracy. The summit agreed to set up an alternative to China’s Belt and Road infrastructure initiative. Reflecting US goals, it called on China to respect human rights in Hong Kong and Xinjiang province, and to permit a full probe into the origins of Covid-19. It also called for calm in the South and East China seas.

China was also on everyone’s lips at the subsequent NATO summit, and made an appearance in the alliance’s final joint statement for the first time. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who runs an alliance meant to worry about Atlantic rather than Pacific security, warned Monday that China “is coming closer to us” in military prowess. And he pointed out that the communist giant doesn’t share the Western values NATO was set up to defend.

The mainstream media is desperately trying to lift up the President. This makes us sick. It killed our appetite. Maybe liberal reporters should think twice before praising the person who just enjoyed his trip overseas. That’s exactly what Biden did. He enjoyed his trip. He didn’t go there as the President of the United States.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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