Video Shows Trump Supporters Greeting Biden’s Motorcade

Whenever Trump publicly appears and his supporters are there, the whole place is turning into a celebrating square! First, the supporters would line up in the street to greet his motorcade, and then they will continue cheering.

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We all know this, but what happens when Biden takes his ‘’place’’. Firstly, he cannot take Trump’s place, and yesterday, Biden was in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and Trump supporters greeted him by waving MAGA flags and pro-Trump signs.

See below:

Becker News reported on this Biden visit to Allentown.

Biden was in Pennsylvania to pitch his massive infrastructure package. On Wednesday, Biden spoke at a Mack Truck facility in the Lehigh Valley and bumbled through a speech.

Standing in front of a backdrop of an American flag and two semi-tractor trailers, he forgot the ‘three reasons’ why he ran for president.

“I said I was running when I announced my campaign and not many people took it seriously,” Biden said. “I said I was running for three reasons: One to restore the soul of this country, sense of decency and honor.”

“Secondly, to rebuild the backbone of the country,” he continued. “Hard working middle class folks who built this country.”

There would never be a third reason.

Lehigh Valley Live also reported on this narration:

The Trump crowd was scores strong hours before the president touched down at Lehigh Valley International Airport and his motorcade, about 12:30 p.m., entered the plant grounds.

A Macungie ambulance arrived to check out the leg of a Trump supporter who gave his name only as J.K. to a reporter. Another man there to greet Biden had brought his dog, who bit J.K. in the leg as she passed, spilling blood down his white socks and into his work boots. The dog owner declined to give his name.

Earlier, J.K. — openly carrying a handgun — identified himself as a Mack Trucks worker. They are off for a two-week summer shutdown, he said, and he pushed back his vacation by a day so he could be present:

“I’m at every Trump rally,” he said. He believes the election was fraudulent and that the U.S. Space Force under Trump was able to track every vote, so the proof is out there, and any rigged election is illegitimate under a September 2018 executive order signed by Trump.

“People need to learn what the resident is doing,” J.K. said of why he was there, making sure a reporter heard right: “Resident Biden, not President Biden.”

Following Biden’s speech, he started hugging and shaking hands, forgetting about COVID-19 restrictions.

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