[VIDEO] Plot Getting Revealed: As Fauci Goes Down In Flames, Kamala Said the “Quiet Part” Out Loud…

The COVID-19 pandemic was used as a political weapon and we all knew it.
Yet, now, things are getting revealed with an accelerated speed.
The reality is that COVID is a real virus and it exists, but the numbers we were all presented were exaggerated.
The number of people who die “FROM” COVID is extremely lower than the one of people who die “WITH” COVID.
Let’s put things straight: a cancer patient can also have a cold virus, so this does not mean they died from the cold, but they died “WITH” it.
This is a fact that Dems and the media will never point out.
Yet, it is a crucial factor and really skews those COVID numbers in a completely different direction.
The virus has been used to make numerous changes and bring a lot of control. It has been responsible for one of the greatest wealth distributions in the history of the world.
Namely, small businesses collapse and the middle-class disappears, but the elites are getting richer.
From a political point of view, the Dems used COVID as a God-given blessing.
The pandemic stopped one of the greatest American economies, and created zillions of mail-in ballots that flooded the nation in extremely questionable ways.
And this has nothing to do with coincidence.
To clarify this, we suggest you listen to Kamala Hariss explaining how COVID is now an “opportunity” to “transform” almost “every part” of America and American lives.
That was the plan in the first listen to her words as Dr. Fauci is now going down in a ball of flames.
Yup, Kamala said the things they kept silent for so long out loud!
COVID is the “Great Globalist Reset” and they’re not even trying to hide it anymore!
Watch below:


The public is now aware of the fact that the virus was “leaked” out of the Wuhan lab in China.
And we knew it all this time!
Nobody benefited more than China and the Democrats from this virus.
The plot is unraveling, so let’s wait and see how much of it will unravel with time.
Plus, the more people like Kamala say the “quiet stuff” out the loud, the guiltier they look.

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