VIDEO: McConnell Is Going Home?!

This is exclusive news- Mitch decided it is enough – he will go home!

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Karma never forgets, but it is a boomerang!

When this man decided to turn his back on Trump just before the end of his career, he experienced the taste of his own medicine!

Namely, his supporters turn their backs on him!

Yet, his decline became the steepest after Trump joined the game this goofy little man started and spoke against him as well!

This was something Mitch probably didn’t expect!

Soon afterward, in another desperate attempt to save himself, he came on live national TV, stating that “if Trump runs for President in the upcoming 2024, he would support him”?!

What a shameless move!

This man showed no dignity even when his ship was already sinking!

However, it seems that he has learned his lesson now.

Now, Newsmax reported that Mitch is planning a “very early retirement.”

This is probably the only good thing he can do to avoid further disgrace.

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