[VIDEO] Looks Like Trump Just Gave His 2024 Game Plan Away To A Lady in The Crowd

When is he coming back?

We have heard this question on so many occasions. People can’t stop talking about Donald Trump’s return. We want our President back. He is the only person to lead the United States.

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People keep asking this question and it looks like Trump has just answered it.

What’s Trump up to? We know he is up to something.

Some of his supporters believe he will run for President again. Well, Trump added fuel to the fire with his most recent comment.

Here’s what Richard Grennell wrote on Twitter:

It looks like Grennel is right after all. President Trump has just revealed his game plan for the 2024 presidential run. He gave the details away to a lady in the crowd he spoke to a few days ago.

The lady yelled, “We need you back,” and Trump heard her. He stopped for a second, looked at the lady, and said, “You’re going to be very happy.”

What does that mean, Mr. President? We need more info!

Watch the video below:

I guess this tiny comment was the answer we’ve been looking for this whole time. Trump is coming back. This comment was more like a “yes, I am running in 2024.” It doesn’t get any better than this!

You can spend your entire day and night talking about Trump’s next move. The man has just said the word and you better wait for him to provide more information. An official statement maybe…

Kamala Harris will face a big challenge in 2024. She keeps Joe Biden under control hoping to get his position in the White House. Well, Trump is here to give her a big headache. Harris needs to stop pretending she is our President. We have a President and his name is Donald Trump.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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