[VIDEO] Legale Eagle Gregg Jarrett Says Durham Dominos Are Falling

Things are getting out of control…

This is probably the most surprising article you will read these days.

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A lot of people gave up on the Durham probe, and even more people wonder if this man tried to take down Hillary Clinton.

Gregg Jarrett has something to say about his. According to the legal eagle, the Durham dominos have started falling.

He talked about this in his convo with Sean Hannity. Gregg talked about the indictment, suggesting that it’s an indictment against Hillary Clinton and her failed campaign. The 27-page indictment will put an end to her efforts.

Former President Barack Obama was leading SpyGate, and Hillary had her hands on RussiaGate. These two campaigns have so much in common.

I guess some people are trying to expose the connection.

Watch this video and tell us what you think.

We don’t really believe that Hillary will be held accountable for anything. The woman got away with everything, including all the missing people and mysterious deaths.

Durham is focused on the former presidential candidate and her destructive campaign.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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